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{October 3, 2009}   Look Younger the Easy Way!

Look Younger the Easy Way!
by Juanita A. Davenport

You can start looking younger simply by managing your way of life. Managing your health becomes a way of life. It is not a “quick fix” where you can go back to your old habits once you have healed your appearance.

These days, many people are interested in managing their health and beauty because they’ve seen the wonderful results from simple changes. The processes of seeking complete physical, social, and mental well-being are quickly proving to make your appearance younger. The healthy practices are not just causing the absence of disease, sickness, or wear and tear on the looks, but are actually making those individuals feel good again.

Four ways to look younger healthier are

  • to eat right,
  • exercise,
  • reduce stress, and
  • stop destroying the body with tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • In particular, find out how to best take care of your body and your beauty will shine through.

Start looking younger by reducing free radicals in your life. What are free radicals? They are caused by environmental factors such as pollution: radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides. To prevent free radical damage, the body needs a defense system of antioxidants.

Actually you can triumph over free radicals and become healthy by eating 5-8 servings of anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables every day. Previously people would take large dosages of vitamins and minerals as a means of looking younger. Now the trend is to go with the natural way of getting healthy and looking young. Particularly this change to fresh fruits can benefit your beauty as well as your health!

What is an antioxidant? It is an enzyme, as vitamin E, that is capable of counteracting the damaging effects of oxidation in the body tissues. They help the body recover from free-radical damage. Likewise, if you work with your body, you will start growing younger. It is wonderful to feel good again and you do this by increasing your consumption of organic products and using alternative health practices.

Discovering how to look younger and live longer is as close as your kitchen. You can take simple easy steps toward better health and a more youthful, more expressive you.

Juanita A. Davenport has extensive experience in skin revitalization. Rediscover optimum health and learn the effects of energy and health.

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